Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tobintini? Have not heard of it? Let me enlighten you. This drink is the classiest, most sophisticated, best mix between mimosa and glass of wine you can find. Caution though. This drink is strong, more alcoholic than you can imagine. What is it? It's sparkling Tobin James Champagne...mixed with a splash of their sinful liquid love. Ironic? A bit. Only because the two together is way more than anyone can handle, in any situation-- love or hate. Its the queen of morning beverages, the king of strong drinks, the prince of hangovers and the princess of seduction. (okay bad personification). But seriously, if you have not heard of Tobin James Winery, well wait for another blog spot. If you have not experienced a Tobintini, then I suggest, almost demand, you go out and buy the ingredients to make one. Perfect to impress the ladies, great for special occasions, necessary for morning engagements, and quite the exquisite drink. TOBINTINI! AMAZING.

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