Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cal Poly Wine Fest

Wine Fest. No need to explain I think, especially if you know me. Last weekend I ventured back to SLO and had an amazing weekend full of wine and fabulous friends. I was able to hangout with best friend, Stephanie one day/ night, and hung out at my old casa for a bit, then spent the rest of the weekend with my little, Suzie! I missed her and had such such a fabulous time staying with her. She took me to an AOII party where I had a blast singing Karaoke! Then we hopped on dt with some of my favorite pandas, Jen and Jessica. Probably one of the funnest nights I've ever had dt SLO!

Then came Saturday. Mayhem. Suzie, my old roommates: Mandy, Kristin, Sama, and Suzie's friend, and a bunch of boys began the morning having mimosas and tobintinis. Yum. Then we hopped on the bus to a random field in Santa Margarita! The rest is well predictable-- very crowded, lots of wine, not enough space,not enough water, not enough food, and a lot of chaos. :) It was great! Although I do wish it was more spread out. I frolicked throughout the tasting, losing people, running into people, and yeeaahhhh. SO fun! A very drunk day though for someone who doesn't really do much anymore besides work and workout, as pathetic as that sounds. It was such a fun weekend though and I loved seeing the seniors that will be graduating and alum friends! I'm definitely in need of recovery though, and now have two rough work weeks ahead!

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