Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Mission~ Outstanding Breaky & Mimosas?

This quaint eatery is where masses form early on weekend mornings, and I’m sure week days as well. Nestled between some surf and bathing suit shops in Mission Beach, about a mile down from Garnet in Pacific Beach, this place always has a crowd. I’m really not sure how it gets so busy or how everyone seems to know about this awesome. The food is incredible. Seriously. Nothing I have had, or seen, has looked anything beyond tasty. They are more notorious for their breakfast menu…probably catering to those hungover folk or family tourist who have nothing better to do on a Sunday than wait an hour to be seated. It’s well worth the wait though!

I’ve only been here twice, although, I wish I could go more! A majority of breakfast goers order a classic egg dish or one of their famous pancake dishes, or “clouds” as my friends call them. Their pancakes are huge. Picture a giant round plate with three layers of big fluffy pancakes. Yummmm. They offer all sorts of combinations as well- banana/blackberry, strawberry/granola, blueberry/cornmeal, strawberry/banana….etc. For a nice visual click here.

Their egg platters comes with perfectly crispy cooked potatoes, not too greasy or soft. You can also include food like chicken apple sausage, bacon, chorizo, brown rice, vegetables, tofu,….My favorite thing about The Mission is how they serve gluten free bread, and even have soy/healthy veggie options, like their “Zen Breakfast” Scrambled egg whites, braised tofu, brown rice, lightly grilled zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and squash. I’ve never found a place that offers gluten free bread, especially in a full restaurant. It’s impressing, and what’s more, is its GOOD. I crave their rosemary gluten free bread. YUM!

I’ve never had their lunch. I should try it sometime. In addition they offer a great little coffeebar with some to go muffins and other food items. They also have a crazy drink menu offering anything from coffee to blended drinks, mimosas, bloody marys, and even a green slushie thing. I would definitely recommend The Mission to any PB goer, SD local, tourist, or person in town. I’d advise to go on a weekday if possible, or expect a long wait on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s probably some of the best breakfast food I’ve had and definitely beats that typical breakfast burrito! And if you choose to pair you’re meal with some kind of beverage, I’d recommend a mimosa to go with your breaky and maybe help you recover from the night before!

The Mission, Located at: 3795 Mission Blvd

(858) 488-9060

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